Shifting Focus on Focus

Most of us guitar players focus on our lead playing. That's great! It's so much fun!

Go to Guitar Center, listen to what you hear. Most likely you will hear the best and fastest licks from any cat that plugs on. Try this, plug in next to the guy. Tell him you are impressed with his playing. Play any groove or tune for him to go crazy over. Then ask him to play rhythm for you. He most likely will be a s quiet as if you throw a chart in front of him. If he passes the test, get his number immediately!
Even self proclaimed "Rhythm" guys tend to freelance avoiding the beat.

The guy who can play rhythm with the beat will get the gig over any crotch rocket lead and premade rhythm parts off YouTube.

Learn to know why what your learning works and how you can expand it.
It's just a language after all.  You can't have too many words.


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