Learning Lead Guitar

This is a question for most guitar players from novice to expert. It is a lifelong pursuit that has many rewards. Let’s break down a few versions of lead guitar.

This falls under the category of the player that just wants to do simple single note melodies. Like the lead lines song centric from Beatles to nirvana.

Next Level
Learning the pentatonic scale.  All positions.  Learning some rock licks within the scale from your favorite players.  There are tons of examples on YouTube to help you get started.  Also look up interviews of your favorite guitar players and learn about what inspiration they used to become the players they are!


If you are into this type of playing you need to practice a lot. And with purpose. You are doing finger workouts.  Plain and simple start slowly and use a metronome is something EVERY legit SHREDDING player will tell you.

Rocker with Chops
For those players who like joe Perry ,slash ,Stevie ray vaughn ,Eric Clapton ,Jimi page Jim Hendrix. Just to name a few. This is a balance of some serious work on your dexterity with some very serious listening the the execution. The “how they are doing it “ is key.  This is all about phrasing.   Bends. Slides legato alternate picking etc.

Of course this is just a small sample size. There are many styles of music with terrific lead. Bluegrass, country, jazz, gypsy jazz, flamenco, countless other styles. I would recommend finding a guitar instructor to give you feedback, knowledge ,and inspiration on your specific style and level. 


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