Best guitar strings for guitar players


What is the best guitar strings for a guitar player?

This question is often asked. From beginner to advanced guitar students.   

The difference between the strings used in electric and acoustic guitar is the material. The strings for electric guitar are made of nickel, chromium alloys and steel. Strings used on acoustic guitars are typically made of bronze, bronze alloys, or nylon. Acoustic guitar also requires a thicker string gauge for amplified sound.

The simple answer is that a nylon acoustic string will give you a classical sound (finger style ,solo guitar, gypsy jazz). Nylon strings are made with softer materials and have lesser tension making them easier to handle than other strings. However, pain and difficulty in pushing down guitar strings are part of the learning process. The faster you’ll get callouses, the quicker you’ll be used to the finger pressure. 

A steel string is more for those of you who want to sing and strum. It is the guitar you want for anything rock and pop music. Also for those of you interested in bluegrass and country music! There are many choices of course.  

Here is the list of the guitar string brands I recommend. They are all USA made guitar strings.

Ernie Ball - Made in California

D'Addario - Made in New York

Dean Markley - Made in Michigan

Fender - Made in California

Is lighter gauge strings easier to play?

Lighter gauge strings are easier to play than heavier gauge strings because they require less tension. This means that your fingers don’t have to work as hard to press down or bend the string, which makes fretting chords and notes easier. One drawback of lighter Gaged strings is that they have a better chance of breaking, especially on the top 2 strings.


Again, the faster you’ll get callouses, the quicker you’ll be used to the finger pressure. 

WARNING. If you buy a cheap quality guitar, it will not stay in tune and will be a huge struggle to play.

An article of specific recommendations of valuable guitars will be coming soon. So stay posted!

There are no rules. These guitars are only limited by your imagination.

Check it out for yourself


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