Next Level Guitar Playing

 We are all trying to do just that. This article is for players that really want to get their improvisation rhythmic and harmonic knowledge at their will to achieve your own voice on the guitar.  

The following examples are suggestions that may seem random.  They are all going in the direction of your goal to be a great guitar player. Mixing things up and make it fresh. 



Can u play the third upbeat on a sixteen note sequence easily? If you want to shred, get a metronome. If you wanna groove, get a metronome.  It is the common language of all instruments!!   


There are millions of strict technique material out there.


This is a big mystery. But not as out of your league as you may think  EVERYONE is an amalgamation of what they like to listen to. The key is honing in on what you specifically like (a lick. A riff a chord) and nail It eventually depending on how much you practice  then add it in your own playing until it is effortless.  Along to way you might find yourself slightly personalize a part. Don’t run from that. But know the original part first.

Planning is key.  Who do I want to be as a player?  Ia guy who shreds.    A guy who can play subtle lines. I guy that can read?   A guy that can play great finger style   Take your strength and interest into making yourself employable.   

Having said that.  No matter how great of a guitar player you may be.   The producer has a bigger ego than you.  Being flexible.  Taking direction well is more important than your chops.  Remember it’s not about you.


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