Getting started on guitar

Getting started 

A very constant question is how do I get started?   So let’s break it down.


You want to select either an acoustic or electric guitar.

1. Acoustic guitar is in 2 styles, steel string and nylon string. Nylon string is known as a classical guitar. Steel string acoustic covers every other style, rock bluegrass blues country etc.

For example:

2. Electric guitar - For a beginner, I would recommend getting a package. That means guitar amp and tuner.

For example:  

3. Spencer Kennedy at Sweetwater is my top recommendation. He knows his stuff and can recommend cool gear whatever your price range. Sweetwater is one of the most reliable guitar store I would recommend my students.

Why choose Sweetwater? From my experience.

  • Their tech support service is great. They know what they are doing. 
  • The guitars I ordered from them are well packed.
  • Guitars are tested, passed their 55-point inspection and ready to play.
  • Their website shows the pictures of the real guitar. So I know exact the color and wood grain on the guitar I am purchasing. 
  • Free 2 year warrenty.

There are a ton of variables. This is just an outline.  


There are a ton of things you can learn on Youtube. That’s great. That fits the category of most guitar players.   

In my experience interacting live with an instructor has really fast tracked my progress. I will always continue to take lessons.  


A majority of my clients can already play. They are looking for that something extra. As in how can you sound like that when you do it and I don’t.  Interaction is what music is about anyway.   


Remember, the chord you learn on the acoustic is the same one for electric! 

Whatever kind of guitar you have. Try to listen to music that has guitar as the prominent instrument.   Really listen to it.  Over and over.  Listen to all kinds of music. But now hone in on the guitar. I’m surprised how many students wanna play guitar because it looks cool. But the music they listen to has NO guitar!  These students are asking for frustration!!!!!


if you are truly trying to improve you are always thirsty. Have an organized specific set of notes to ask your teacher.


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